From nothing comes nothing. 

Since beginning traveling around the globe being a tornado, and bringing my energy, my thoughts to one place. In order to share what i have, be emotional as i am and maybe bring people out of there own little box. Cause from nothing comes nothing. This is one of the reasons why i love to share and give.

Its about inspiring each other and learning from each other, to understand more about your self and to do more for things  you love to do.


Bringing people in the streets of Rio Brazil together.

Sharing Food, having a conversation, dance together and helping people who

deserve to have help.


This is a very inspiring project, from a Strong Women who deserve more than only respect.



I belive Muisc, dance and art can  bring people together  and make them stronger, trought dance we can for get for a momenta all our problem and just fly with the music.


I have given regular classes in China and Switzerland , for me its a lot about passing the culture and foundation to the Kidz 


Breakdance Project Uganda is a youth centered project that works directly with young people of different backgrounds in Uganda, with a particular focus on those who are disadvantaged to give them hope and opportunities

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